“Soper’s hypothesis – which I’ve been interested in since he first wrote about it in 2014 – is that many mental illnesses (such as depression and anxiety) are evolved defenses against the special risk that human cognition presents: the ability to conceptualize ending all of one’s problems by ending one’s brain.” From: Patch 7.822: An Experimental Design Puzzle | The View from Hell (Via The Morning News)

So, um, I may have been kind of hinting at this for a while now. I’m not a psychologist or anything (I never did get that degree at least), but I’ve had an inkling this was the case. I might go one step further, by suggesting that what society deems mentally healthy is, in fact, a delusional state in and of itself. But… if I do, then it basically looks like I’m claiming that the only rational response to an unfiltered view of actual reality is suicide. Which may or may not be the case, but the last thing I want is to be the one who prods someone already on the edge to make a fatal decision.


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