I’m not completely clear on what a spangle is in this context

Yes, I’m still on a Cocteau Twins kick. I may sometimes experience transient obsessions, but I like to take my time with them. In a month or two I’ll probably have moved on.

As a long-time fan of the Cocteau Twins, I learned to give up on understanding any thing Elisabeth Fraser ever says. Between the Scottish accent, the echo-y production, and the glossolalia, what chance is there? Sadly, I let my curiosity get the better of me; I looked her lyrics up on the internet.

I’m convinced that what I’m seeing is mostly wrong. In the song embedded above, I’m pretty sure I heard the word “pomegranate” at least once; I’m willing to admit I’m wrong, but the lines suggested by the crowd-sourced lyrics sites out there aren’t even close. And even if the internet is exactly right about everything, what remains is an indigestible word salad that carries no meaning for anyone who isn’t the author — and perhaps not even for her. I mean, she uses her voice like an instrument, so the actual words may not be important, but if you sing, you must sing something, syllables at least. So words (or their nearest equivalent) are necessary, but I suppose they don’t have to actually mean anything.

I’m not completely clear on what a spangle is in this context

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