Competition for resources

‘“Now, mind you,” the footnote usually goes, “I myself am allowed to have a lot, and to want even more after that. But YOU, my friend, are not. Because people are starving somewhere. And even though I’m not personally feeding them or helping them in any way, I’m going to assuage my guilt over that fact by loudly stating that YOU AREN’T, EITHER.”’ From: Ask Polly: I’m Broke and I Hate My Job! — The Cut

Man, people sure hate to hear others complain, don’t they? In fact, something around 75% of whining on the internet is mostly people complaining about other people’s… um, complaining. (The remaining 25% is complaining about the complaining about the complaining. Hi.)

Well, life sucks for everybody in varying amounts, and complaining is a coping mechanism for that. Also, writing to advice columnists.

Competition for resources

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