The other day I wrote about how I don’t really understand the desire most people seem to have to be in a relationship of some sort. Upon further reflection though, I sort of get it.

I mean, life is awful. If it weren’t, Hollywood and drugs wouldn’t be nearly as lucrative as they are. If life’s so great, why do we spend so much time and money distracting ourselves from it? We need those distractions to avoid going nuts. And what could be more distracting than being in love? Being into someone is like staring into the Sun.

So, I mean I get why relationships start. I just don’t quite understand how they persist.

Because when you’re with someone long enough, they stop being a distraction from life — they become part of it. They become a portion of that thing you want to avoid thinking about. You come home late. You want to hang out with your friends. You just want to watch Daredevil without talking for a couple of hours, jeez. You just want to get some sleep.

I guess this is where fear kicks in. Your memories of being alone scare you, maybe. Or you’re just afraid to lose what you have, however quotidian. Or maybe you’re just afraid of change, because the problem with change is that you never know if you’ll end up better or worse off than where you started.

Or maybe you just need someone to record your phone calls to people you happen to be feuding with.


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