“That joke isn’t funny any more”

“NASA just announced that it’s given the Curiosity rover the power to fire its laser at targets of its choice. You fools, you’ve killed us all.” From: NASA’s Curiosity Rover Just Took a Step Towards Autonomy 

Yeah, I used to make jokes about the supposed oncoming robot revolt against humanity, but then the police used one to kill a bad guy, so I’m kind of taking a break from that sort of thing, because robot murder is funny when it’s hypothetical, but has become fraught now that it’s actually happened. Er… maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, look — the title is related to a song I know. Just like old times! If you’ve ever wondered why my post titles often used to be inscrutable back in the old days, it’s because a large number of them were lines from songs, or song titles.

“That joke isn’t funny any more”

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