I guess this would have been a “Person in Training” post on the old blog

I am almost 40 years old, and yet I find the idea of relationships so baffling that it’s actually kind of frustrating. So many other people seem to have an innate understanding of them, it seems obvious to me that I am some kind of big weirdo for not getting it. They’re just a normal part of life, for most. But sometimes feel as though I’m looking at a world gone mad.

I know many people who are in relationships. It’s weird to me just how normal they look, when really they’ve got to be crazy, right? I mean, let’s think about people in general for a moment: For the most part, your average human being is a selfish, deceptive narcissist, with only the barest control over their own urges, constantly on the make. And yet, the majority of them insist on pairing up and making various promises of fidelity to each other. There are people out there in relationships that so firmly believe that they will still have a partner tomorrow that they actually incorporate that person into their plans the next few years to come. This is in spite of the fact that they have no doubt had their hearts broken at some time in the past by people that they once thought they could trust. Despite what they know of human nature, and despite the wisdom of their own experience, people do this shit anyway.

It seems that the only way to explain this behavior is that everyone is operating under a massive amount of self delusion. It always comes back to that, doesn’t it? The way to be a happy, healthy human being is really to have no clear idea of what’s actually going on. This is an idea that I am totally on board with! I have many, many, many delusions of my own that help keep me going, when frankly it would be much more rational to not, I guess?

But heartbreak is so incredibly painful, while also being so easily avoided, it seem like utter madness to keep putting yourself in harms way. For god’s sake, why?

Oh right, humanity would go extinct or something.

W-would that be bad though?

I guess this would have been a “Person in Training” post on the old blog

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