Grim nostalgia weekend

What? I’ve been busy…

A friend and I went to the Fry’s Electronics in Sacramento last weekend. It is a desolate place, very different from how I remember it.

I used to live quite close by. Back then I went to that Fry’s almost once a week. It was a heady era of personal computers, wildly over-priced PDAs, and cell phones that did jack shit. Now of course everybody uses their phones for everything, and the only “upgrade” you can buy and install yourself is a fancy case. But I digress.

I hadn’t been to that part of town in years. If I ever had fond memories of the area, they’ve completely faded now. Last weekend’s visit inspired a kind of grim nostalgia; things were tough back then, and I don’t exactly miss them (though I’d relish a chance to do it all differently). But I always thought the Fry’s would go on without me. I did not expect to come back and find it so diminished, so threadbare. I wonder if it looks back on its own past glory days and dreams.

I suspect not. Buildings don’t have memories like we humans do. I suspect their much more pragmatic. That particular building probably remembers back when it was called Incredible Universe or whatever. It was very purple.

Now those were the days…

Grim nostalgia weekend

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