The UK has voted to exit the European Union.

What happens now? I don’t know. But when you consider that the Leave campaign’s primary argument for their position amounted to little more than virulent xenophobia, and that one counts many racists amongst their ranks one expects a rather dim future is in store. Britain is now full of re-energized, optimistic, motivated right-wing hard-liners, with a strong win under their belts, itching to take advantage of their momentum. What will they do, now that they’ve been emboldened by this referendum? Do you suppose it will be anything good?

Meanwhile, the UK’s reputation for rational, enlightened decision-making is starting to match that of the American state of Arizona. At the very least, the great British public has confirmed that they find potential financial disaster utterly acceptable, so long as they don’t have share their island with so many brown people.

Will this result in a better, safer, stronger UK? Or will it lead to a political environment less focused on practical strategies, one that devotes more and more precious resources to hunting down the non-existent, poisonous boogeymen supposedly in their midst?

Will this improve their standing in the world, or will Great Britain become a place that smart, talented people (and their money) choose to avoid, lest they be swept up in the xenophobia of its government and people?

The hell if I know.

Right now my heart goes out to those folks in UK currently being targeted by their own neighbors, neighbors who have just sent a message saying their country is largely peopled by those who hate their guts and wish them ill. My heart goes out to the ones currently being stared at through narrow eyes, enduring the words, “You’re next,” spoken at them in a cacophony of whispers, statements, shouts. Be brave. Be strong.

But above all, be careful.


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