Interrupted sleep

So, I was laying in bed trying to sleep, when I heard a noise. It was a beep. I flicked on the light and looked around, only to find that my Playstation was on and had spit out a game disc. (Dragon Age Inquisition, if you care.)

So I powered on the TV, and spent the last twenty minutes inserting discs, only for them to be automatically ejected after a few minutes. So I shut the thing off, and went back to bed.

Aaaaand now I can’t sleep, because I cannot stop thinking about how the $400 console that I spent six months saving up for is now a useless brick. I mean, if I can find my receipt I might be able to send it in to get repaired, which they might not charge me for if in their infinite and inscrutable wisdom they decide that whatever is wrong with it is covered by the warranty. If if if…

And now when I close my eyes all I can see is a pile of money being set on fire. It’s absolutely, positively not a big deal. I know that. But I cannot stop obsessively thinking about it. During normal waking hours, I can distract myself by going on the internet, or reading a book, or playing video ga–okay, maybe not that last one at this point.

The problem is that I need to get some fucking sleep. And I can’t. Because when I’m laying there, alone in the quiet dark, the thought leaps out at me, “Wow! Think of all the money you lost! Do you really want to go through all this again? That’s it for you and video games, I guess! They were a big part of your life for a long time, but goodbye to all that, eh?”

But if it wasn’t that, it’d just be something else, wouldn’t it? My rotten job, my rotten family, my failing health, all the bad shit that’s happening in the world. It’s all waiting there in the dark, for the moment when I’m alone with my thoughts.

Just how the hell do normal people sleep without getting tied up in knots over everything that there is to worry about?

Are… are they brain damaged or something? Do you have to have something wrong with your head to sleep at night?

Interrupted sleep

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