Divine weekend

I mostly played Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition) for the Playstation 4, this weekend. Actually, I mostly slept this weekend, but I don’t have much to say about that. D:OS is an interesting piece of software; a throwback to Baldur’s Gate and stuff, but set in its own non-D&D universe… not that you could tell, necessarily. As soon as I saw how slowly the character moved, I knew this would be a long game. It’s all right, I guess. Played it for something like eight hours over the course of three days. Got hardly anything done.

I also missed a housewarming party because… well I didn’t really feel up to going. I find company excruciating. Apparently most people find it merely annoying. There is definitely something wrong with me, but we know that already, so let’s stay positive. My housemates actually did go, which meant I had the house all to my self. This never, ever happens. I got a chance to sing along with my guitar for a little bit (which I can’t do when they’re home because they hate it), and it seems that some point in the last five years (I told you it’s been awhile) my natural singing voice has dropped a bit. Not like I care — but I was quite surprised. Like spending five years not looking at your head at all, only to realize that your hair has gone gray.

The point is that I am an old man, and I spent a lot of time playing a video game that I’m kind of only okay with.

Divine weekend

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