They are the worst

So, just a quick note about that xoJane thing.

I was surprised to see that an essay like that got published on a major site. I was also surprised to see just how surprised we all were. It was a bad essay of course, but in one respect it was somewhat useful: it served as a reminder that there’s some bad people out there, and we forget they exist at our peril.

Trust me, there are people in this world who see the notion that human life is precious as a social imposition. Annoying, but important to perform, like wearing green on St. Patrick’s day, or paying taxes.

Some of them are sure that, deep down, most people don’t care about the lives of anyone not immediately useful to them, and furthermore, that people are desperately yearning to admit this fact, perhaps waiting on some brave soul to be the first one who says it. But the yearning isn’t the important part. It’s the part that they really don’t care about human life when it’s far away or when it’s near but inconvenient.

Because they are often more willing than most to shove other people around and fuck up their lives (by firing them, freezing their wages, closing their libraries, and letting them starve to death), they tend to be in charge. Your boss (if you have one) is probably one of those people.

But this essay was a good reminder that not all of those people rise to the top. Sometimes they’re just no-account freelance writers whose lives are valuable, but whose talents are not.

They are the worst

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