Dark weekend

So, I finished Dark Souls III for the third (and possibly final) time. There’s three endings, you see, and I wanted to get all of them for some reason. All told, they amount to about a minute’s worth of cut scenes, but require a great deal of effort to get nonetheless. It’s… weird.

I didn’t find any of them to be especially satisfying. But then again, Dark Souls is a series that treats the player character as a completely empty vessel. I expect the idea is that you create a character who is, essentially, supposed to be you. When you make decisions in the game, you’re not really acting, you are just doing what you’d do if you ever found yourself in this fantasy scenario for real. This is a well-regarded, traditional approach to roleplaying that maybe doesn’t come up that often anymore. Think Ultima IV, as opposed to Mass Effect.

Thing is, I don’t really like roleplaying as myself. I try to come up with a character who stands on her own, with her own backstory and motivations. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get all the alternate endings, would I? In general I’m not the sort to murder innocents or to usurp anything (even if I could get away with it, like the player-character in Dark Souls). I say I try, but Souls protagonists are so silent, and so empty that I have trouble getting a narrative foothold.

Part of that has to do with how the game doles out information about the world. A lot of people claim that the Souls series is stingy with that info, but I don’t think it is. There’s a torrent of information, a veritable flood; but much of it either doesn’t connect in any meaningful way, and a good deal of it contradicts itself. In other words, there’s a lot of lore, but there’s also a lot of holes. The missing pieces are the most important ones, too. Like, the future and the past are missing. Age of Fire, Age of Dark — what’s the difference, really?

Pah, videogames.

In other news I bought some granola bars because I’ve been getting hungry in the morning, and I don’t have time to cook anything. Also, it rained a little bit. And that’s basically it.

Dark weekend

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