The blanket parties will continue until moral improves

The Guardian: It’s official: employers can’t force you to be happy. Hallelujah

Good, because if there’s one thing that the workplace needs to eliminate, it’s corporately enforced positivity. Let us instead return to the days where the bad attitudes of the Negative Nathans of the working world were punished via the tried and true sub-rosa methods of  ostracization, scapegoating, and social death administered by our peer groups… right?

Actually, I should probably use this opportunity to point out that the people who use their misery as a battering ram in the office will feel emboldened by this news, but as I just pointed out, attitude regulation is normally handled by the social group, so they (I mean me) are just as fucked as ever. Unless they’re your manager. Then you have to listen to their shit.

The blanket parties will continue until moral improves

2 thoughts on “The blanket parties will continue until moral improves

  1. jenfullmoon says:

    This made me laugh. I have to work customer service and I have gotten in whopping trouble when I wasn’t Super Perky at all times. Now I get complaints from my coworkers that I’m too fake, but the customers LOOOOOOVE it. It’s just bizarre how if you are super damn perky no matter what, people eat it up like candy. It’s the only thing that keeps me out of trouble, apparently.

    It is disturbing how nobody even blinks at how fake I am, or notices, though. I should be happy about that, but it makes me fear for humanity. Hah.


    1. I hear you. I have to be fake-happy at work too, and no one has yet called me on it. Though, years ago, a friend once had to listen to me handle a work phone call, after which he remarked, “Don’t you ever get in trouble for being so sarcastic?” If my employers or customers ever learned what I’m really like, I would be totally screwed.


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