A comic book and mothers’ day weekend

So, where was I? Oh yes, the weekend.

While some mothers are satisfied with a mere brunch, my mom likes prime rib. As turns out, lots of mothers feel the same way, as we learned last year when we tried to hit up the local steakhouse on Mothers’ Day. This year we ended up going on Saturday, to avoid the crowds. It went pretty well.

Prior to the meal, kid sis and I went to the “local” comic book shop for Free Comic Book Day (mom’s not into comics). This went okay as well, but our “local” shop is a good thirty minutes’ drive away. We had to go though, because of the free Bob’s Burgers comic. I also picked up a copy of Love and Rockets, which I used to read waaaay back in the day. It was good to see the place packed, and with a wider demographic spread than the middle-aged white males that usually inhabit such places. There was a time when comic book shops were about as reputable a place to take your family as a pool hall.

As for The Day itself, mom went to the rest home to visit her mom, and then she came home and we all ate some chicken.

Oh, and I manged to get two of the three(?) endings of Dark Souls III in between all this — but I think I’m going to give up on my mage character. Seems like there are very few “correct” ways to play DSIII, unless you have a god-like memory and reaction times.

A comic book and mothers’ day weekend

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