This won’t change anything

Science Daily: Low chance of obese people recovering normal body weight

I don’t care how many studies like this they publish, nor how widely publicized they become; overweight people will continue to be a socially acceptable target for exclusion and abuse for the foreseeable future.

American society is one that struggles very hard to maintain its biases, often becoming violently defensive in response to any challenge that may come along.

Further, requests that society at large abate their use of slurs often results in the majority attempting to portray itself as a victim of undue pressure and unwarranted, onerous requests to expend precious effort to accommodate minority groups who, as far as the majority is concerned, have no right to demand additional work from them.

The way it does it this is by portraying membership in any relevant out-group as a moral failing of some kind. You can see this mode of thinking at work whenever you witness anyone mounting a spirited defense on behalf of the continued use of any given slur. B****es does not refer to all women, only those exhibiting traits that nobody likes. The same goes for f*gs, with regard to gays, t****ies, with regard to transgendered persons, n*****s with regard to black people, and so on.

The essential point is this: American culture is so wedded to the notion that obesity is the result of weakness of character or moral failure, that any evidence to the contrary will be immediately rejected regardless of its validity. We are so tied to this strategy that in spite of the public health costs resulting from our ineffective treatment of the problem, we will continue to perpetuate our biases at any and all costs. This may eventually change. But probably not within any of our lifetimes.

This won’t change anything

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