Pre-May weekend

Wait, hold on, some dude is selling off a bunch of old mechanical typewriters. Now I’m not a collector, but I like typewriters a lot. Though I’m more of a fan of the 80’s era electric models. Still, these ones are kind of cool, and I hope they find good homes.

Typewriters are great. They remove the individual distinctiveness of human handwriting, and replace it with an individual, mechanical distinctiveness. Every typewriter has a funny letter that’s out of whack, an E that prints a bit too high, a p that’s missing a serif (or whatever those things are called), and that pleases me for some reason.

Anyway, the weekend. Had breakfast with a friend, went grocery shopping, did chores, and tried to play as much Dark Souls III as I could stand.Finally finished the main story.

It’s a solid game, but you have to have a stubborn/perverse streak to get through it because it is the half-opposite of “challenging but fair.” The game is designed to fuck players over in a lot of blatant, obnoxious ways, and the fun is in surmounting such obstacles as bad camera views, input-eating controls, and hyper-aggressive enemies. When you win a fight, you feel that you’ve not just beaten the video game, but the people who made it. Which is… weird? “Ha, the jokes on you, I’m still playing your dumb game, take that, developers.” Well, as long as they get paid, I suppose it doesn’t matter?

Pre-May weekend

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