It started out as a joke

So, yesterday’s post about BART was all in good fun, but as it turns out, it managed to contain a slight kernel of truth. Specifically the part about getting to the BART station three hours earlier than you’d otherwise think.

I actually did that this morning, and it worked out pretty well! I mean, I did have to get up extra early (4:00am), but the ride into town was much better than it usually is. For one thing, I normally end up standing in the midst of a tightly packed crowd, where my nose invariably ends up pressed into somebody else’s armpit (I am quite short, that’s just the height where my nose ends up). However, on the train this morning, I actually had enough room to breathe freely. It was pretty great. I did end up getting to work an hour and a half early, but whatever.

This could be a game-changer.

It started out as a joke

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