Hot dogs, guitars

It was kind of a busy weekend. I bought a guitar! For around $80! It’s used, has some cosmetic issues, it’s missing some control knobs, and it’s quite ugly, but I like it. It plays nice, which is the important thing. There’s a great deal of snobbery where guitars are concerned, as illustrated by the belief that cheap guitars can never be good. There are certainly pitfalls to watch out for, but I have no patience for the absolutist thinking behind that idea.

Anyway, the important thing that happened this weekend is that I went out to Costco for lunch on Sunday. I had a hot dog, and also I picked up a slice of pizza for later. They were both very good. I took both the housemates with me, so it turned into quite a production! Nobody I live with is in great health, so getting ready to go anywhere takes quite a while, and navigating through a massive weekend Costco crowd is not super easy when you move at one-quarter speed, and cannot stand unassisted for more than a few seconds. I’m not saying that the store doesn’t meet ADA requirements, but maybe when it’s crowded it’s not the most disabled-friendly location — like most locations, actually. Since none of us had had a Costco dog in years, this was still quite a treat. We also bought some toilet paper.

We also bought some muffins. I’m regretting that decision now. I mean, they’re fine… but after the hot dog and the pizza, do I really need to be eating muffins?


Hot dogs, guitars

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