Oh damn

Oh damn, it’s Tuesday already?

This was another average weekend. It rained, which was not very fun. Similar to last weekend, I got some time to play Fallout 4 some more. I’m focusing heavily on settlement building during this playthrough, rather than concentrating on the story. In previous Fallout games, you certainly had plenty of opportunities to make the wasteland a slightly better place for people to live, but this feels more hands-on, and more wide-reaching as well. You’re not just solving people’s petty little fetch-quest kind of problems, you’re building them homes and giving them the resources they need to become self sufficient. But dealing with settlements means dealing with the all of settlement bugs. It’s frustrating in a way I think the developers didn’t intend. Oh well.

Other than that, while out shopping for some necessities, I also picked up some socks and underpants. Not because I needed them, but because it feels good to buy new socks and underpants, and self-soothing is important, given the generally fucked-upness of the world.

Oh damn

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