Oh, it’s that kind of day

Say what you want about San Francisco, but at least there are some days when you don’t catch somebody pissing on the street. Today was not one of those days, however.

San Francisco has a bathroom problem. If you are a person with potty issues (like, if you’re on diuretics for blood pressure, or if you have IBS), than San Francisco is a horrible place to visit, because there’s nowhere to go to the bathroom. But we know how to solve a bathroom problem — open more public restrooms.

… But of course the moment open a public restroom in San Francisco is the same moment it is colonized by homeless people, to the point that no one else can actually get to a toilet. I don’t blame homeless people for this. They are human beings, who need the same things that you and I need: A safe, private place to do drugs and masturbate. But nevertheless, San Francisco has a bathroom problem in large part because it can’t get its shit together to fix its housing problem. But we know how to fix house problems — give homes to homeless people.

… But of course, no one wants to do that, because the average rent on a given square inch of San Francisco real estate is $1.97, give or take. The people who own the land that San Francisco sits on would rather die than give away even just one of those square inches, let alone an entire apartment, so you can see the problem. Actually, since the consequences of their tightfistedness is that other people aside from them will die, the problem is even worse.

What about city-owned property? You can’t use it to house people to a large enough degree to help the housing problem, because real estate developers will lose their minds. While you and I might think of public property as a common good that’s held in trust for us by our elected government, real estate developers see public property as “land that is rightfully mine, but is not yet in my possession, which is a direct attack upon me both politically and financially, and I won’t stand for it.” So, San Francisco has a greedy asshole problem. But we know how to…

… ah, nevermind. I don’t want to be here all day.

Oh, it’s that kind of day

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