“Touch my shiny, metal ass”

“How would you feel if a robot asked you to touch its butt? Maybe it sounds like a silly question, but as robots proliferate and anthropomorphize, it’s actually something that needs to be considered. So scientists at Stanford considered it.” From: People Feel Weird About Touching Robot Butts, Researchers Find – Slashdot

Um, well yeah. Who among us is totally, 100% cool with just randomly touching any butt that might hove into arm’s reach, be they organic or synthetic? The answer is that there are a small number of people like that, and they are generally bad people.

What is our robot-filled future going to look like? Well, between robots asking us to touch their butts, and the tech industry’s obsession with female virtual servants, I’m guessing it will be water resistant and sticky, and we’ll all feel a little worse about humanity than we already do.

“Touch my shiny, metal ass”

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