Last weekend, and today

I took April 1st off from work because I have the time available and, well, a four day work-week/three day weekend is always good. I spent most of my time off playing Fallout 4, wrapping up the story missions so I can finally get it off my plate and do something else with my spare time.

Back to work today, and this might sound like a weird observation, but there seemed to be a lot more… friction in the world than usual. Let me explain. Part of my commute goes along a major highway, and while there’s often gridlock, today’s traffic was especially bad due to not one, but two serious accidents. I finally got to the train station and boarded up, only to sit through a journey twice as long as it on normal days — due to some kind of emergency at one of the upstream stations.

When I got to work, I tried to push forward with the day, attempting to make it from the front door of the building over to my desk, and was stopped no less than three times by coworkers who needed various things from me. And all throughout the day, little things like not being able to get keys out of pockets, or glasses off and on to my face, or shoes properly tied, or wallets into pockets, or… well, there’s no need to go on, I’m sure you get the idea.

Every simple task today has put up a kind of resistance that I don’t normally run into. It’s like gravity has gotten just a little bit stronger overnight, or the inanimate and the living have conspired to create just a tiny bit more difficulty in the world, making it harder to go places and to get things done.

Man, I hope that phase ends soon.

Last weekend, and today

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