Weekend wasteland

Went out to a Chinese buffet on Sunday. My family and I have reached a point where we no longer want to do any cooking on the big “food holidays”. At first, my Mom was not on board with this deviation from our traditional approach to Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and so on, but over the past couple of years she’s come around. Maybe not having to cook has something to do with this.

Saturday, I managed to play a little Fallout 4. Man, the tone of that game — it’s induced a kind of emotional whiplash. The main plot, involving the kidnapping of the protagonist’s son, is very dark. Yet, a lot of the sidequests, and much of the world-building is quite jokey. At certain points, I began to wonder if my player character had lost her mind. “I know I need to get out there and find my baby, but I think I’ll pretend to be a fictional character from a radio show for a little while, and talk in a funny voice while I kill some people.” And then I realized, wait no — I’m the one making these decisions, and if she looks insane it’s my fault. I mean as a videogame player I want to have fun doing stuff in the world, but as a roleplayer I want to stay true to the motivations and decisions of the role I’ve been assigned. And, in my interpretation, that means avoiding as many distractions as possible while I look for my lost child.

So the game makers have created a scenario with the following choices: Either focus on the main story quests, or inhabit a callous nutcase who response to a kidnapping with, “I’ll get to it when I get to it.” Maybe I’ll find another way to approach the character in which it makes sense to fart around in a big open world, but we’ll see.

I have been listening and reading the news about the shit that’s gone down around the world the past couple of weeks, but I have nothing valuable to say about it. It’s all horrifying and awful, and the victims are in my thoughts, but any words beyond that from me would just be trite and unhelpful.

Take care, you guys.

Weekend wasteland

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