Do they make leashes for brains?

One of the things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that everybody is weird. Scratch the veneer of any given person, and the strangeness just comes leaking out. This knowledge has been invaluable in calming the voice in my head that constantly asks if I’m some sort of irredeemable weirdo; I am of course, but then so is everyone else, so why worry?

Except… this morning I opened a packet of stevia that turned out to be completely empty, and I couldn’t help think, “OMG, is this some sort of sign? Should I not be putting this stuff in my coffee?”

I mean, that’s excessively weird, isn’t it? Who else thinks that nonsense?

Man, this whole time change thing is messing me up.

Do they make leashes for brains?

2 thoughts on “Do they make leashes for brains?

  1. amy says:

    One time I got a fortune cookie with no paper inside. My slightly gullible date looked confused, so I told him it meant I was going to die. Seemed to make sense. Still here so far though.

    Anyway, don’t ask if you’re excessively weird. Ask if you’re weird *enough*.


    1. I’m glad you’re still here :)

      I do wonder if I’m weird enough, sometimes. I feel like I used to be weirder when I was younger. Or, at least, I was more outwardly weird. I have to look pretty square because of my job, but I am actually a secret weirdo!


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