I hope it never rains again


Let me be clear on this point: I hate the rain. It’s not simply because, as a person who relies on walking and public transit to get to and from work, I have to wade through it for at least two hours every time it happens — it’s also because it is a constant, soggy reminder that humanity is doomed because we’re a bunch of fucking idiots who can’t handle long-term planning. You think that we’ve got any chance at all to manage climate change? Yeah right. We can’t even keep our shit together when a storm rolls in, and we know for a fact that it rains all the goddamn time.

“Significant flooding in low-lying areas…” Why’d you build your city like that? You know it fucking rains!

“Major weather-related BART delays…” Why’d you build your transit system like that? YOU KNOW IT FUCKING RAINS!!

“Major accidents on local freeways…” Why’d you build your roads and cars like that —


It rains, you morons — IT RAINS! It rains a lot, and you assholes created a world in which everything fucking breaks if it gets even a little wet! Christ.

I hope it never rains again

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