The guitar

the guitar

So, I mentioned that I changed out the pickguard on my guitar over the weekend. It was kind of a hard job (which tends to happen when you don’t know what you’re doing), and I was so glad when it was all over, I took a picture of the finished product. That’s kind of a silly thing to do, I know! First of all, a person’s guitars are like their dreams — they are boring to everyone aside from the owner. Second, I should have wiped all the finger prints and smudges off the damn thing before I shot the photo.

Also, I wish I’d taken a before picture, but oh well. Um, anyway, it kind of looked like this (only not nearly as expensive).

I showed the guitar to my housemates after I was done, and they responded with a resounding, “Uh, well, it certainly looks different,” so I can only assume that my instrument is now fabulously hideous. Which suits me, I think; An instrument should be a reflection of its player, wouldn’t you say?

The guitar

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