Stupid rain thoughts

More pointless rain, more pointless thoughts. Specifically about umbrellas.

I just don’t see the point of them. If it’s raining and not at all windy, they’re okay. Where in the world does it rain without there also being wind? Not where I live.

Also, when you finally get out of the rain, having an umbrella ensures that you’re still dealing with water all over the place. You are in a nice, dry area, but now you’ve got to carry a dripping wet thing with you.

But what can you do? Wear a raincoat, instead?

I have a full-length raincoat. I have a raincoat with a hood. These are two different coats. No one around here sells long coats with hoods, so I have to choose between a wet head and spotty glasses, or wet pants. I mean, I probably could order a long, hooded coat on line, but by the time it showed up, the rain will have stopped. Probably forever. I can see the headlines now, “Local man’s online purchase dooms state to perpetual drought.”

Stupid rain thoughts

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