From SF Gate: Want to feel better? Move to Hawaii, Alaska

Yeah, Hawaii will make you feel better! Uh, unless you’re homeless, I guess. Well, how about Alaska, then! Uh, unless you’re a lady, I suppose. Hmm. I guess the main takeaway here is to avoid West Virginia, anyway.


2 thoughts on “Move!

  1. jenfullmoon says:

    Occasionally people will say insane things to me like, “If you really don’t like your life, you could just drop everything and move to Hawaii!” To which I say, “Yeah, once upon a time I was on a mailing list where this girl’s boyfriend immediately ditched her and his job and moved to Hawaii. Last she heard he was homeless there.” So that worked out!

    I can say that when I’ve been there, I tend to run into a lot of people who were all, “I found a job there within like, A DAY.” (Whereas I won’t even start on who’s been job hunting for years and can’t do that.) But I guess that’s not flying for everyone.

    As for Alaska, I really don’t get why so many people are so psyched about Alaska. I also can’t say I’m surprised to find out that a place where there’s a lot of dudes and macho man culture has that going on.


    1. I definitely feel like this is one of those selection bias things. Hawaii and Alaska are pretty small, and a lot of the people living there chose to be there, and they knew what was up before they got there, so I guess it makes sense they’d be happy with being there?

      I don’t see the appeal of Alaska, either. It’s a lot of open country with one big walled city. The only time I’ve every really talked to people from there, they’ve tended to come across as folks who are pretty sure they’re smarter and tougher than anybody else. They also tend to think that they need to be some place more “natural” where their superiority can be allowed to flourish, unconstrained by the niceties of civilization and manners. But then that was mostly when I had a phone service job so I don’t know if that’s everyone up there, since everyone I talked to back then was mad about something.


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