Enjoy this podcast that pretty much states that the odds of a straight woman finding an acceptable long-term partner are basically nil.

This is fucking depressing of course, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Women are under constant cultural pressure to the impossible, and while I may not know shit about shit, I do know that something like 99% of straight dudes are either unavailable, uninterested, or appalling. So, the odds are against you. But do it anyway! women keep being told.

I mean, even if you don’t really need someone to love in your life, you still get the never ending subliminal chorus singing “Failure! Failure!” at you every second that you don’t have one. The only way to be free of this tyranny would be for us all to reject relationships all together. Honestly, why would anybody even bother pairing up if it weren’t for the social pressure?

And before anybody brings up sex, all I have to say about that is: Pffffffffffft. Overrated, time-wasting garbage.


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