RIP Abe Vigoda

Per BoingBoing: Abe Vigoda has died.

Ah, this is sad. I was a big fan of Barney Miller when I was a kid, and later, of Conan O’Brien, where Vigoda had many recurring appearances.

UPDATE: Conan pays tribute.

RIP Abe Vigoda

One thought on “RIP Abe Vigoda

  1. amy says:

    He was the best. I remember one episode where Harris wanted to have a character in his novel say “get me a cup of coffee” in Japanese, and was badgering Yemana(sp?) to tell him how to say it. He finally did, and at that moment Fish walks in and says “Get it yourself. What am I, your maid?” His delivery was always so perfect, simple and brutally funny.


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