“It’s okay, I was just doin’ it for funsies!”

“Under current law, discharging a gun without causing harm to others is an infraction, which means offenders are usually let off with a ticket and fine. Police officials say upgrading the offense to a misdemeanor may prompt a change of behavior from people who regularly fire their guns because police will gain the power to arrest them.” From The Sacramento Bee: Council to discuss stiffer penalties in Sacramento for random gunfire

Oh, well that’s comforting. Yes, if someone fires a random shot for fun that ends up accidentally hitting somebody, there are laws on the books to prosecute them for it. But those accidental somebodies might stand a better chance of not getting hit in the first place if there are fewer people popping off random shots. I get that guns are super fun and cool, and range fees can be expensive, but geez, flinging random bullets around town just does not seem like a solution, guys.

“It’s okay, I was just doin’ it for funsies!”

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