Drinking for… fun?

“Let the jokes about pretzel-inspired thirst commence: According to Uproxx, Australians will be wetting their whistles and doing their best impressions of “The Lord Of The Idiots” at a new George Costanza-themed bar.” From: Australia now has a George Costanza-themed bar, baby · Newswire · The A.V. Club

I will accept correction on this, but it seems to me that Australia has an inordinate number of novelty bars. I find the existence of novelty bars somewhat odd. I mean, drinking is about numbing your feelings to the point where life stops hurting so much, right? It’s not silly fun-time. It’s beating down your emotions until they shut the fuck up-time, right? Man, for such drunks, Aussie’s sure don’t know how to drink, eh?



Drinking for… fun?

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