Stupid rain thoughts

More pointless rain, more pointless thoughts. Specifically about umbrellas.

I just don’t see the point of them. If it’s raining and not at all windy, they’re okay. Where in the world does it rain without there also being wind? Not where I live.

Also, when you finally get out of the rain, having an umbrella ensures that you’re still dealing with water all over the place. You are in a nice, dry area, but now you’ve got to carry a dripping wet thing with you.

But what can you do? Wear a raincoat, instead?

I have a full-length raincoat. I have a raincoat with a hood. These are two different coats. No one around here sells long coats with hoods, so I have to choose between a wet head and spotty glasses, or wet pants. I mean, I probably could order a long, hooded coat on line, but by the time it showed up, the rain will have stopped. Probably forever. I can see the headlines now, “Local man’s online purchase dooms state to perpetual drought.”

Stupid rain thoughts

“Rule me!”

I try to keep up with the news, but I have to admit that I haven’t been paying particular attention to the Republican primaries. For one thing, I’m not a Republican; for another, California’s primary is so late in the process as to be completely moot in any case. Still, the small amount of information that has trickled down to me paints an interesting picture of what it is that Republican primary-voters are looking for.

They seem to place a great deal of importance on the perceived “strength” of their candidates, to the point that they admire the trait even if they disagree with their stances. It smacks of a deep-seated desire to be ruled by an iron fist, and that feels weird to me. Are these people looking for a president, or a pimp?

“Rich people shouldn’t have to pay taxes!”

“Yes, daddy!”

Though maybe I understand what they’re after, a little. I’m sure that when conservatives look back on the past eight years they see an era in which they accomplished almost nothing (Obama: not impeached. Obamacare: still happening). While using strength as your single selection criteria might appear counter to one’s own interests, perhaps this stagnation has fostered a burning desire for someone, anyone, who can at least do something.

“Rule me!”

Enjoy this podcast that pretty much states that the odds of a straight woman finding an acceptable long-term partner are basically nil.

This is fucking depressing of course, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Women are under constant cultural pressure to the impossible, and while I may not know shit about shit, I do know that something like 99% of straight dudes are either unavailable, uninterested, or appalling. So, the odds are against you. But do it anyway! women keep being told.

I mean, even if you don’t really need someone to love in your life, you still get the never ending subliminal chorus singing “Failure! Failure!” at you every second that you don’t have one. The only way to be free of this tyranny would be for us all to reject relationships all together. Honestly, why would anybody even bother pairing up if it weren’t for the social pressure?

And before anybody brings up sex, all I have to say about that is: Pffffffffffft. Overrated, time-wasting garbage.