Talkin’ Patinkin

‘“I would like to be with Senator Cruz for a moment and I would like to respectfully ask him, since he quotes all the lines from ‘The Princess Bride’ and certainly all of my character, Inigo Montoya’s, lines, I would like to know why he doesn’t quote my favorite line?” That line, Mr. Patinkin said, was among the last his character utters in a movie that essentially taught that love conquers all.’ NYT: On ‘Princess Bride’ Portrayals, Mandy Patinkin Thinks Ted Cruz Doesn’t Get It

I find it somewhat annoying when bad people like the same things that I like — I can only imagine how much worse it would feel if a bad person was really into something that I made.

Also, if you like The Princess Bride in an unreserved kind of way, you might enjoy Cary Elwes’ book about the making of the film. It’s no shocking expose of sin and deceit or anything, but if you want confirmation that your favorite movie was made by people who liked being around each other and enjoyed the film making process, then it’s right up your alley. Even Christopher Guest comes across as being really nice!

Talkin’ Patinkin

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