Why Mystery Science Theater 3000?

So, I sometimes enjoy watching the stuff that Red Letter Media makes. Especially their video game streams, which I find relaxing and chill-inducing. But sometimes they’re annoying, too! Like when they are pressured to talk about MST3K and they go on and on about how, while they respect the show, they never watched it.

This shouldn’t make me feel defensive, but it kind of does. The implication here is that they’re not necessarily sure why anyone else would watch it. Which is totally fine, but I’m going to explain why I got into MST3K when I was a kid, because that’s what I do when I feel hemmed in

I had no friends:

No friends that like shitty movies, anyway. No friends who would sit around watching garbage so that we could mutually rip on it. They wanted to go outside and build bike ramps or something.

I am not a comedian:

Even if I did have friends who wanted to sit around making fun of movies, I don’t think we’d have been very good at it. I’m not a quick-witted jokester, and (sorry old friends) neither were they.


MST3K was a great boon for me. I got to watch crappy movies, listen to other people make fun of them, and I didn’t bother anyone else. I had a great time! A great time that was unavailable to me in any other way! Also, I was like twelve when I started watching the show, and it’s not like I had my own Blockbuster account, or a copy the Psychotronic film guide or whatever. What did I know from bad movies?

Why Mystery Science Theater 3000?

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