Quick notes

I don’t have anyone I can talk to about these things at work, so I’m just going to put them here.

  • I saw someone playing with a Nintendo 3DS on the train today. Not a phone! A good ol’ fashioned dedicated video game device! Bless their soul (really); I own one, but I’d never have the guts to use it in public. I am a fat, glasses-wearing nerd, I don’t need to reinforce the stereotype.
  • I walk slowly. Why is… not important, just know that it’s not something I can do anything about. On my way to work this morning, I found myself waiting at a crosswalk with a random stranger who took off like a fecking rabbit when the light changed. I met up with them again at the next crosswalk, where they had been waiting impatiently for the light to change. It changed right as I walked up. This happen a total of four times. This person was mad, and I actually felt kind of bad about it, but what the heck was I supposed to do?
  • I don’t want this blog to become a catalog of my physical ailments, but man my thumb is annoyingly jammed or sprained or something. If this were an old TV show or movie (instead of my actual life) I’d be learning a valuable lesson right now about the importance of thumbs — but I KNEW THIS ALREADY. I swear to god, I’ve never taken my thumbs for granted, I’ve always known how lucky I was to have them, so my thumb just hurts and I’m not learning one damn thing.
Quick notes

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