The rich and the ramen

Instant ramen is great. I’m glad that so many people like it. But I have to admit, I’m kind of tired of reading about it. Or, at least, I’m tired of reading certain types of writing about it — specifically, the stuff that’s like, “Remember when we had to eat ramen? Don’t you still kind of want to? Not that you have to! But aren’t you a little nostalgic for it?”

Look, it’s great that you’ve made it. You’ve reached a level of financial success that ensures that you have lots and lots of food options, to the point that you are no longer restricted to one dish or another out of sheer necessity, and I am happy for you. I think that’s great. I have not.

Yes, I’m almost forty, and I’ve been mostly consistently employed for the past twenty some-odd years, but I eat instant ramen almost every day because I really can’t afford to be spending much more than that on food. That means I am not nostalgic about it — the last time I ate instant ramen was about 20 minutes ago. Oh, what a heady time that was!

Anyway, it’s just a little bit galling to me to be reading these misty-eyed remembrances of meals gone by, because they come across as just a little bit smug and I’ve got mine-ish, and oh, you’re not talking to me, just your rich friends and the demographic cohort who read your fancy-ass magazine, oh okay, nevermind.

The rich and the ramen

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