Overheard on the bus

“Tea is mild as hell.”

Yeah. Yeah! Tea is so motherfucking mild that it’ll… not do anything, I guess?

Seriously though, I’m wondering what kind of tea this person has been drinking. Tea is not supposed to be mild as hell. Milder than whiskey certainly, but not super-ultra mild. I mean, “weak tea” is an insult for a reason, you know?

Then again, I don’t know this person. Perhaps they have an iron stomach, and a marble palate, and tea just can’t make a dent with them. If so, this could be a golden opportunity for some on the go tea vendor to corner a new market of macho tea drinkers. Our tea isn’t mild! It’s tough and wild and tastes like gunpowder and hot sauce! It’ll make your stomach feel like you’ve swallowed an old, muddy boot! Lipton Extra-Bold: Our tea will leave you shivering and sweating on the floor.

Overheard on the bus

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