Kicking myself for this one

“Is it a wise social strategy to make self-deprecating comments? Hopes and Fears asked this question to a psychologist, two personal-brand consultants, a motivational speaker, and a women’s life coach. They all pretty much agreed that it’s smart for high-status people to self-deprecate and not smart for low-status people to do so.” From: Does making fun of yourself make you look good or bad? / Boing Boing

My self-deprecation isn’t a social strategy, it’s the natural result of my deep-seated sense of self-loathing. But now I know that rather than being just the result it is also something I should be deeply (but also secretly) ashamed of.

I do understand that many people find excessive amounts of self-deprecating humor to be off putting. It’s one of the reasons my last blog shed so many of its regular readers. (Other popular reasons to stop reading my old blog were: dullness, infrequency of updates, creepiness, “I don’t want to watch someone slowly go crazy,” and “get help.”)

Kicking myself for this one

5 thoughts on “Kicking myself for this one

  1. amy says:

    wait wait. Someone actually told you to get help? Ok now I want to strangle the unnamed waste of human tissue. People suck. It’s never new, but somehow always still shocking, sort of.


    1. I’m lucky in that I didn’t get many negative comments or emails, but a few snuck through here and there. In fact, many of the reasons I’ve quoted here came from a single email.


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