Finally, a reason to hate Subway

“Finally addressing the PR nightmare it’s been wrestling with for months, Subway has conceded to public pressure and agreed to start measuring its supposed “footlongs” and six-inch subs to ensure they meet the public’s exacting bad sandwich standards.” From: Subway gives in to outrage, promises to start measuring its sandwiches · The A.V. Club

Honestly, this is why you’re mad at Subway? What a world.

Incidentally, the company seems to be clinging pretty strongly to their whole “footlong” terminology, which seems unwise. They could avoid forcing their workers to measure every sandwich in the shop by merely changing their size descriptions to “medium” and “large” — the definitions of which are vague enough to allow for all sorts of portion shenanigans. Kind of like how the word “fun” is not actually a precise unit of measure, leading to the ridiculous situation where some companies appear to believe that an inch-long Snickers bar is a pretty good time.

Finally, a reason to hate Subway

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