Sometimes, the Internet makes you feel less alone

“Suanne asks: Do you know if the chicken spice (packet) is sold separately from the noodles? If you do, where can I purchase this from?” From: Buying Just the Ramen Flavor Packets? | The Official Ramen Homepage

I am so, so glad that I am not alone in this particular desire. Yes, I’ve tried those little Herb-Ox packets, but they don’t taste the same, dammit! Also, they’re a little pricey. The ramen flavor packs, sold separately, would have to be cheaper, right? They’ll certainly shorten your lifespan* so they’ll save you money on retirement, too!

*This is a joke, I do not actually claim that eating ramen will shorten your life. Conversely, I am not claiming that it won’t either. I smoked cigarettes for almost twenty years, I am not to be trusted when it comes to information about health.

Sometimes, the Internet makes you feel less alone

5 thoughts on “Sometimes, the Internet makes you feel less alone

  1. amy says:

    Last time I checked, they had procured a food dehydrater and were dicing up green onions, green peppers, eggplant, and cellery, dehydrating the little pieces, putting them into a coffee grinder, and making their own powder out of that stuff. I think they throw some lard into the broth too, which I haven’t messed with. The powder though, along with some hot chili sesame oil, is pretty good in my lentil soup.


      1. amy says:

        It was initially part of an attempt to have some easy vegetable matter that wouldn’t go bad for a camping trip food plan, but has graduated into household fare.


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