The future of acting

A.V. Club: Extras on HBO’s Westworld might have to perform “genital-on-genital touching”

Blame Game of Thrones, of course. But not entirely, I think. GoT is a respectable television drama, but if you could send it back in time about 30 years or so, the people of that age would take one look at it and label it pornography. Thanks to the internet though, we modern types now know that GoT is about as tame as it gets.

Still, it makes one wonder how the average respectable drama will look thirty years hence, as we continue down this path. I suspect that being willing to actually fuck on camera will become a requirement for being a working actor. It won’t be a big deal for most, probably. It’ll just be part of the job, like getting fitted for wardrobe, getting made up, and learning your lines.

Whether this will be a good or bad thing, I have no idea, and it’s not really my place to judge the people of the future. They’ll be happy to judge us of course.

The future of acting

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