Social Media worthless

SF Weekly: Study: Social Media Is Worthless In Elections

No kidding. That’s nice. Somehow though, this revelation will in no way slow down or stop the amount of election-related bullshit I see on social media. So. That fucking sucks.

Social Media worthless


So, this latest Ask Polly wins an award for being the thing that has come the closest to convincing me to seek out professional therapy. Closest to convinced, but not all that close. The problem is that the reason I should probably do therapy is the exact same reason that I absolutely can’t.

Polly describes a therapist as someone who “…maybe occasionally nudges you to try to shift your experience of what’s happening around you,” and that is not something I want someone to do. As childish (or teen-gothish) as it seems, I am pretty sure that the way I see the world is correct.

That is, I’m a big whiny baby who doesn’t deserve to be listened to — which is exactly a thing that Polly addresses! But you have to be able to get over that at least a little bit in order to find yourself in a therapist’s office in the first place, right? And that is one little bit I can’t seem to handle.

(Also, I leave for work at 5:00am, and get back from work at 8:00pm every weekday, and I’ll be damned if I can figure out when I’m supposed to meet with a therapist.)

(Also, I can’t afford it. I know there are therapists with “sliding scales” and whatnot, but I’m not sure how their means-testing  works. I make okay money, but about 60% of my monthly income goes towards paying a mortgage, so I look alright on a paystub, but in fact I have no money to speak of.)

(Also, I think the world is a bad place where the evil far, far outweighs the good, and that the overabundance of suffering in it means that there is probably a God, but that He doesn’t like us very much and is not to be trusted. Maybe I should see a philosopher about that, rather than a therapist. The point is, I’m right about the world, and I don’t want my perspective of it to shift in such a way so that I am unprepared for the horrendous shit that will inevitably happen.)


This essay 0n orgies and social anxiety is all kinds of interesting, but the part that really struck me was that it revealed that there is a book called Is Sex Necessary? My immediate response was, “Lord, I hope not!” Just the title alone raised my hopes slightly — the idea of a tome that might once and for all prove that desire can be conquered, that sex is not the important part of human existence that everyone makes it out to be — or at the very least, that it’s just as human to basically ignore that it exists — would be a very welcome one.

But no, it turns out it’s just a spoof on marriage and stuff. Oh well.

Kicking myself for this one

“Is it a wise social strategy to make self-deprecating comments? Hopes and Fears asked this question to a psychologist, two personal-brand consultants, a motivational speaker, and a women’s life coach. They all pretty much agreed that it’s smart for high-status people to self-deprecate and not smart for low-status people to do so.” From: Does making fun of yourself make you look good or bad? / Boing Boing

My self-deprecation isn’t a social strategy, it’s the natural result of my deep-seated sense of self-loathing. But now I know that rather than being just the result it is also something I should be deeply (but also secretly) ashamed of.

I do understand that many people find excessive amounts of self-deprecating humor to be off putting. It’s one of the reasons my last blog shed so many of its regular readers. (Other popular reasons to stop reading my old blog were: dullness, infrequency of updates, creepiness, “I don’t want to watch someone slowly go crazy,” and “get help.”)

Kicking myself for this one