Heart of the city

“A new survey from the San Francisco Arts Commission yields disheartening figures about the city’s vanishing creative class.As KQED reports, the survey, which included nearly 600 artists, found that over 70 percent had been or were being displaced from their workplace, home, or both. Among the remaining 30 percent, displacement in the near future is a chronic concern.” From: New Survey Confirms San Francisco Will See a “Wipeout” of its Artists | SF Weekly

Well, that’s a bummer. San Francisco’s been a pretty artsy place, but I guess that’s over now.

Worse bummer: I suppose that many of these artists will be looking for more affordable digs elsewhere, and in doing so, will push out the native population of wherever it is that they end up moving to. They’ll make the town or neighborhood “lively” and “safe” and that will draw the rich people there, resulting in even more of the original residents being pushed out of their homes. That’s what happens. That’s what always happens.

Pity you never see the reverse. “I’m sorry Mr. Millionaire, you’ll have to give up your mansion. I know you paid for it and everything, but look at this artist’s paintings! They’re so amazing, we’ve decided that she deserves your house more than you do, so you have to leave.”

Heart of the city

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