Fear of a Mass Transit

“The city of Los Angeles is going to add some bike and bus-only lanes to its roads. This will, by necessity, take those lanes away from cars, which might make traffic problems worse, initially. But ideally, over time, it will alleviate congestion because it will encourage people to use forms of transit that do not involve getting into a car and becoming part of the problem, like the subway, a bus, a bicycle or their own two feet.” Source: Transit Terrorism – The Awl

Relevant (ahem) links:

Public transit is better, but cars are faster.

How Safe Is Cycling? It’s Hard to Say.

Increase seen in bicycle-related injuries, hospital admissions in United States.

Reports of sexual harassment by Metro commuters could hinder efforts to boost ridership.

Why Don’t Women Feel Safe Riding Public Transit?

Fear of a Mass Transit

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