Disappointing, not surprising

Techdirt: Problem: Male Operators Use Surveillance Cameras For Ogling Women; Mayor’s Solution: Employ Only Female Operators

Oh for god’s sake. There are many problems with an over-reliance on surveillance, one being that it is not the magic solution to all of your security/policing challenges that you might think it is,but also: your eyes-in-the-sky might be human beings, who allow horny-ness to influence their behavior. It is a little shocking that the person who came up with this system knows so little about human weakness that it did not occur to them that, given the opportunity to ogle ladies, some men would take full advantage.

One wonders if it occurs them that, since it is now widely known that women will be watching the screens, a certain number of men will use this opportunity to wave their privates at a captive audience? Congratulations on your new jobs, ladies; get ready for an avalanche of dicks.

Disappointing, not surprising

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