“And then he was like, ‘Dur, dur, dur.'”

“‘Looking back on the presidency of Donald Trump‘ is fiction in the style of a steeple-fingered newsfeature, published, perfectly, at The Atlantic.[…] Post your Trump fanfic in the comments!” From: Trump presidency fanfic – Boing Boing.

Ha-ha yes. But also: fan fiction may not always be serious business, but it seems weird to me that it’s becoming a tactic to be used to denigrate people we don’t like. Some people defend fan fiction by saying that it’s an act of affection for a media property, but that’s hardly the case when we use it to play with our enemies (too strong a term, but you know what I mean), to exert imaginary power over them, and to make them look foolish. This… doesn’t have a ton to do with the Atlantic piece (and calling it fan fiction is solely Boing Boing’s conceit, I think), but there you go, I wrote this without re-reading it or editing it, and now it’s on the internet. Kind of like fan fiction!

“And then he was like, ‘Dur, dur, dur.'”

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